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What is Spacetime?


The concept of spacetime was first used by Einstein's mathematics teacher, Hermann Minkowski (1864 – 1909). Classical mechanical physics defined the universe in three dimensions (length, width, depth) and time (fourth dimension). However, in the last century, after Einstein's special and general relativity theories, it has been revealed that the universe exists in a completely different way.


Spacetime is independent of the space we are in, the location specified by coordinates, and space.


Spacetime is independent of the time we think we live in and the date specified in the calendar.


Spacetime is the coexistence of space and time, where everything interacts at every moment. In other words, it is the situation in which something is both an effect and a reaction, a cause and an effect, a beginning and an end.


Since spacetime is a situation and space cannot flow in one direction with time, there is no past or future. Then there is only the behavior that brings both together. In other words, there is change, transformation, behavior that causes one thing to evolve into something different from another.


Since spacetime is a condition, it means that there is no vacuum in the universe. It means that the spacetime behaviors are integrating, where everything is related to interacting with each other. For this reason, we do not take up space in the universe with our existence, and we do not travel from one place to another. Our existence integrates behaviors, it means that our existence consists of behaviors. It means that we all exist by deriving from the same behavioral ground.


Spacetime is the relationship between humanity and the subatomic particle in totality and connectivity. Subatomic particles exhibit behavior and create atomic behavior. Atomic behavior creates molecules. Molecules make up organelles, organelles make up the cell, cells make up the tissue, tissues make up the organ, organs make up the organism, organisms make up communities, and communities make up societies. There is always the interactive ground that creates us. This ground is not one that comes from the past or moves towards the future. It's always there.   


Spacetime interactions are two-way. Just as infrastructures determine superstructures, superstructures determine infrastructures. For example, while the behavior of the individual creates the society, the society also directs the behavior of the individual. Therefore, there is a constant relationship between humanity and the subatomic particle in spacetime. Our understanding of this relationship enables us to understand how societies transform our DNA and consciousness by influencing individuals, while societies are formed as a result of the interaction of individuals. 

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